Heartbeat Korean Drama

Heartbeat Korean Drama Hindi dubbed download

Heartbeat Korean Drama

Heartbeat Korean Drama

Seon Woo-hyeol is a semi-human vampire who has been alive for over 100 years. He has always wanted to become a complete human, but he missed his chance by one day. He is now stuck in a state where he is neither human nor vampire. He has all the powers of a vampire, but he also has to deal with the weaknesses of a human.

Joo In-hae is a contract nurse-teacher who is known for her cold personality. She has had a hard life, and she has learned to protect herself by keeping people at a distance. She is also struggling financially, and she is facing the possibility of being homeless.

One day, Woo-Hyeon and In-hae’s paths cross. Woo-Hyeon is looking for a place to stay, and In-hae is looking for a tenant to help her pay her rent. They agree to live together, and they soon find themselves drawn to each other.

Woo-hyeol’s vampire nature makes him a challenge for In-hae. He is strong and fast, and he has a thirst for blood. But In-hae is also drawn to his kindness and his vulnerability. She sees the person he could be if he were able to become a complete human.

As Woo-hyeol and In-hae get to know each other, they begin to fall in love. But their love is complicated by Woo-hyeol’s vampire nature. In-hae is afraid of what he could do to her, and she is worried about the future of their relationship.

Will Woo-Hyeon be able to become a complete human? Will In-hae be able to accept him for who he is? Or will their love be torn apart by his vampire nature?

Heartbeat is a romantic comedy-drama that explores the themes of love, loss, and acceptance. It is a story about two people from different worlds who find each other and learn to love each other despite their differences.

The drama stars Ok Taec-yeon as Seon Woo-hyeol and Won Ji-an as Joo In-hae. It also stars Kim Young-kwang as Dong-seop, Lee Joo-bin as Hae-sun, and Kim Ki-bang as Butler Joo.

Heartbeat is a new K-drama that is currently airing on KBS2. It is a 16-episode drama that will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 PM KST.

Heartbeat Korean Drama Trailer

Heartbeat Korean Drama Profile

Revised romanizationGaseumi Ddwinda
Hangulmy heart races
DirectorLee Hyun-Seok, Lee Min-Soo
WriterKim Ha-Na, Jung Seung-Joo
Release DateJune 26 – August 15, 2023
RuntimeMonday & Tuesday 21:50
CountrySouth Korea

Heartbeat Korean Drama Casts

Actor NameCharacter Play
Sun Woo-HyeolTaecYeon
Joo In-HaeWon Ji-An
Shin Do-SikPark Kang-Hyun
Yoon Hae-SunYoon So-Hee
Na Hae-WonYoon So-He

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Where can I watch Kdrama HeartBeat?

HeartBeat is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Storyline :

A romance drama about a semi-human vampire named Seon Woo-Hyeon, who failed to become a human by a day out of 100 years, and a woman Joo In-hae, who doesn’t have a single human decency, starting to live together and finding true warmth.


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