When London Bridge Is Down, the Code Word for Queen Elizabeth’s Death Will Be Activated

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been on London Bridge many times, but she never knew that its demise would mean the death of the queen herself. That’s right—the destruction of London Bridge could signify the end of Queen Elizabeth’s life. At least, according to conspiracy theorists anyway… Here’s the story about how London Bridge has come to symbolize the death of England’s longest-reigning monarch, and what will happen when it finally collapses (or doesn’t).

If a long gun shot is heard near Buckingham Palace

The Royal Family live in Buckingham Palace in central London. When they come out on public occasions they are always accompanied by armed guards in either full dress uniform or ceremonial military uniforms. It is a criminal offence to try and use a gun or other firearm within a hundred yards of any member of the Royal Family on official duty. These specially-trained officers always carry their firearms loaded. If a long gun shot is heard near Buckingham Palace then this may indicate that there has been an incident and it will be followed by an announcement with ‘Code London Bridge’ declared to signify that the Queen has not been attacked, but her assassination will require another operation from Cabinet Office staff called Operation London Bridge 2022 to take place.

What the British people need to know if it happens

So what does it mean if London Bridge is down? Well, if London Bridge were to fall down in any way, then there would be a 12-day period of mourning where one should refrain from going to work or hosting events. Funeral directors are on standby and schools would close at the start of term in September. If you’re wondering what London Bridge means in this context – it’s a coded message for someone in the British royal family dying.

If a gun shot is heard inside Buckingham Palace

This is not a drill. What will happen when London Bridge is down? This code word means that the British crown has died and you must be prepared to act accordingly. You need to be ready for a state of emergency in which no one else may be responsible for your actions or your children so you’ll need to take care of them on your own until normalcy is restored. Situations can lead from deep sadness to unspeakable horror depending on how close the individual was with their family member who passed away and if there are any wars going on at this time.

What to do when you hear this code word

The operation London Bridge is down protocol will be activated by Buckingham Palace when they hear this code word. For 12 days from when the code word was first said, employees and employers will not go to work or school. There is no exception for those who are scheduled to take part in professional sports, conferences or appointments abroad or across the channel and employers should not extend offers of employment or promotions until after a period of 12 days has elapsed. While all military bases are excluded from these measures, civilians residing there have been advised to stay put at their current location during these 12 days. In terms of public transport it may be exempt if specifically required by treaty obligations.

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