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15 Hidden WhatsApp Tricks You Never Knew!

WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for billions around the world. But beyond the basic features of sending messages, photos, and videos, there’s a treasure trove of hidden tricks waiting to be discovered. These functionalities can enhance your WhatsApp experience, improve privacy, and even add a touch of fun. Let’s dive into 15 secret weapons in your WhatsApp arsenal.

1. Star Important Messages: Imagine scrolling through endless chats to find that crucial message you need. With WhatsApp’s star feature, you can mark important messages for quick retrieval. Simply tap and hold on the message, then tap the star icon. You can access all your starred messages later by going to the chat menu (three vertical dots) and selecting Starred messages.

2. Send Disappearing Messages: Want to send a message that self-destructs after a set time? WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature makes it possible. When creating a new chat or opening an existing one, tap on the contact’s name and enable “Disappearing messages.” Choose a duration (24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days) for your messages to vanish after being delivered. Remember, the recipient can still screenshot disappearing messages before they disappear.

3. Mute Chat Notifications (Elegantly): Annoyed by incessant notifications from a particular chat? Muting notifications offers a solution, but WhatsApp lets you do it with finesse. Instead of simply muting, you can mute a chat for a specific duration (8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year). This way, you can silence the notifications without completely forgetting about the chat. To do this, tap and hold on the chat, tap the three vertical dots, and select “Mute.” Choose your desired duration.

4. Pin Your Favorite Chats: Keep your most frequently used chats at the top of your chat list for easy access. Simply swipe right on a chat and tap the pin icon. Pinned chats will always remain at the top, regardless of new messages received in other chats.

5. Read Messages Discreetly (Without Typing Indicators): Ever received a message but don’t want the sender to know you’ve seen it (those pesky typing indicators can give you away)? Here’s a nifty trick. When you see a message notification, turn on airplane mode on your phone. This disables your internet connection. Now, open WhatsApp and read the message. Once finished, close WhatsApp and turn off airplane mode. The sender will have no clue you’ve seen the message. Remember, this only works if you haven’t already opened the chat within WhatsApp.

6. Send Messages Yourself (Without Saving a Contact): Need to send a quick message to someone you don’t want to save as a contact? WhatsApp allows you to do this directly. Open your phone’s browser and type in “https://wa.me/phonenumber” (replace “phonenumber” with the recipient’s phone number in international format, including the country code). This will open a chat window within WhatsApp, allowing you to send your message.

7. Format Your Text (Bold, Italics, Strikethrough): Add emphasis to your messages with text formatting options. To make text bold, use asterisks (*) before and after the text (e.g., bold text). For italics, use underscores (_) (e.g., italic text). Strikethrough can be achieved with tildes (~) (e.g., ~strikethrough text~).

8. Create Quick Replies for Common Messages: Do you find yourself sending the same responses repeatedly? WhatsApp’s quick reply feature can be a lifesaver. Open the chat where you frequently use the same response. Type your message and tap and hold on it. Select “Reply” from the pop-up menu. Now, you’ll see a “Create quick reply” option. Choose an emoji to represent the quick reply, and it will be available for future use in any chat.

9. Preview Links Without Clicking: Curious about a link in a message but hesitant to click it? WhatsApp offers a link preview feature. Simply hover your cursor over the link (without clicking) and a small window will appear, displaying a snippet of the webpage content.

10. Broadcast Messages to Multiple Contacts: Need to send the same message to a large group of people but don’t want to create a group chat? Use the broadcast list feature. Go to the Chats menu (three vertical dots) and select “New broadcast.” Choose the contacts you want to include in the broadcast, and your message will be sent to each person individually, as if it were a private message.

11. Control Who Can See Your “Last Seen” and “About” Info (Continued):

…bit privacy-conscious? WhatsApp allows you to control who can see your “Last Seen” timestamp and “About” information. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy. Here, you can choose who sees your “Last Seen” (Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody) and who can see your “About” information.

12. Stop Media from Auto-Saving to Your Phone: By default, WhatsApp automatically downloads photos and videos you receive to your phone’s gallery. If you’re running low on storage space, you can disable this feature. Go to Settings > Chats and turn off “Save to Camera Roll” (Android) or “Show in Gallery” (iPhone).

13. Respond Directly to Specific Messages in Group Chats: Navigating through a fast-moving group chat can be overwhelming. To respond directly to a specific message, tap and hold on the message, then tap “Reply.” This will quote the original message in your reply, making it clear who and what you’re referring to.

14. Check How Much Storage Each Chat Consumes: Curious about which chats are hogging the most storage on your phone? WhatsApp provides a way to check. Go to Settings > Storage and Data > Storage Usage. Here, you’ll see a list of your chats and groups, along with the amount of storage each consumes. You can then identify and manage storage-heavy chats by deleting unnecessary media files.

15. Send Large Files (Up to 100 MB): While WhatsApp limits file sharing to 100MB, there’s a handy trick to send even larger files (up to 2GB) by converting them to compressed ZIP files. You can use various file compression apps to achieve this. Once compressed, share the ZIP file through WhatsApp. The recipient can then decompress the file on their end.

Bonus Tip: Mark Messages as Unread:

Accidentally marked a message as read? No worries! On Android devices, you can mark messages as unread. Simply swipe right on the chat and tap the envelope icon. This trick is not currently available on iPhones.

Unlocking a More Efficient and Fun WhatsApp Experience

By incorporating these hidden tricks into your WhatsApp routine, you can streamline your communication, enhance privacy, and add a touch of fun to your chats. Explore these features, experiment, and discover how they can elevate your WhatsApp experience!


WhatsApp isn’t just for sending messages anymore—it’s a big part of how we talk to each other every day. But did you know there are lots of cool things you can do on WhatsApp that you might not know about? These hidden tricks can make your chats better, keep your stuff private, and even make things more fun.

Like, did you know you can mark important messages so you can find them easily later? Or that you can make messages disappear after a while? And there are ways to mute chats without forgetting about them entirely.

You can also pin your favorite chats so they’re always at the top, and read messages without anyone knowing you’ve seen them. Plus, there are tricks for sending messages without saving a contact, making your text bold or italic, and even replying quickly with the same message.

And that’s not all! You can preview links before clicking on them, send messages to lots of people at once without starting a group chat, and even check how much space your chats are taking up on your phone.

Oh, and did I mention you can send really big files by zipping them first? It’s a neat trick!

So, next time you’re on WhatsApp, why not try out some of these cool features? You might be surprised at what you can do!

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